PharmDr. Jana Spurna

 "Carpe diem!"

I always liked to go to school and study. I've been learning something new all the time or I've been deepening and widening my knowledge. I love to discover connections among different fields, I like those "aha" moments, when the last piece of knowledge fits into place and certain thing starts to make better sense suddenly. 

During my life I've come through many courses, workshops, lectures in addition to my school education (a list of the most important ones is below). My strength is that I have many passions and I don't specialize only in one narrow field, I like to see things in their complexity, in their wholeness. 

I graduated from the Pharmaceutical faculty at the Charles University in Hradec Kralove and I finished my studies with rigorosum in clinical pharmacy. After graduation I started to work in a pharmacy where I stayed till my oldest child was born. 

In 2008 I founded Studio Namaste in Prague 6, which I managed and teached yoga and Pilates lessons there at the same time. I started alone and during 10 years when I was owning the studio, our team grew up to 10 instructors and an assistant and we added other kinds of body & mind exercise. 

In 2015, I added a new space to our existing studio, Studio Namaste 2, so I could offer private lessons on original Pilates machines. The first one was Reformer, after some time the EXO Chair arrived, then tower to the Reformer and the last and the biggest machine so far is the Trapeze table (Cadillac) / Reformer combo, which gives me big variability when I create lessons for my clients. 

In 2018 after long and hard decision making process I sold Studio Namaste for family and personal reasons and kept "only" the second smaller studio, which I renamed Balanced.JanaSpurna in order to differentiate from a new owner. At the same time, with the new name, I wanted to express a new beginning in my career. I started to study to become a health coach with The Institute for Integrative Nutrition, because nutrition and healthy lifestyle has been my lifelong passion. I graduated successfully as a Integrative Nutrition Health Coach in November 2019.

Currently I teach group classes of Pilates and Vinyasa Flow Yoga both for adults and teens. In my studio I offer private and semi-private lessons for 1 or 2 clients on Pilates machines, which I create individually for each client to meet their needs. I work on my health coaching practice and on cooperation with other health professionals. 

My strongest motivation and the best reward is to see my clients grow, to guide them on their journey from the basics to the more advanced exercises, to listen to their stories about their practice helping them in different situations of their lives and to enable them to feel comfortable in their bodies.


  • Education:
    • Pharmaceutical faculty, the Charles University (1996 – 2001) - summa cum laude
    • Postgraduate Doctorate in Clinical Pharmacy, the Charles University (2001 – 2003)
    • The Institute for Integrative Nutrition: Integrative Nutrition Health Coach (2019)
    • MAHRA s.r.o.: Nutritional advisory and nutrition in sport (2009)
  • Education in Pilates and yoga:
    • BMSA / Český svaz aerobiku:
      • Diploma Poweryoga Basic (instructor Václav Krejčík) (2007)
      • Diploma Vinyasa Flow Yoga (instructor Olga Tajovská) (2008)
      • Pilates I, Pilates II (instructor Hana Císařová) (2008)
      • Diploma Exercise in Pregnancy (Lucie Marková, DiS. and BMSA instructors) (2008)
    • Power Yoga Academy s.r.o.:
      • Instructor of Hatha Yoga (2012)
      • Advanced Yoga Course (2015)
    • Balanced Body University:
      • Pilates Reformer Instructor (2016)
      • Pilates Chair Instructor (2017)
      • Pilates Trapeze Table / Cadillac / Tower Instructor (2018)
  • Other courses:
    • Laughter Yoga International University: Certified Laughter Yoga Leader (2016)