Said about me:

"I want to thank you for all of these years I have been in your training class. I liked them very much. You prepared and cared for every lesson, so every time was special. I used so many times your online recordings during the lockdown and after as well and hope to use your type of exercises in the future as well. Take care and keep teaching:)."

Anu Holter

"I’ve been training with Jana for over two years now, and believe she is one of the most experienced and committed trainers around. In a welcoming environment, Jana gives the most professional training sessions with personal attention and a wealth of knowledge both on the reformer and overall well-being. She is encouraging while strengthening, working on the client’s weaknesses, ensuring you never overdo or injure yourself by keeping a watchful eye yet pushing you to exceed your goals. Jana is extremely reliable, knowledgeable, and meticulous – always set up and ready to start training and gives 100% attention to details, ensuring her clients have the best possible experience while being utterly professional. I couldn't recommend her highly enough!"

Sigal Ehrlich

"I have been doing Pilates reformer with Jana for 2 years. I signed up because of the back pain I was experiencing as of late. Jana has been able to adapt the exercises to my body constitution and gradually correcting my back curvature. She is a great professional, always on time, with a smile on her face that makes 1 hour of exercise go by quickly. During the hour of exercises it is totally dedicated to the person in front of her. The studio is impeccably clean, cozy and bright. I have to admit that I have never managed to stay away from physical therapist for so long and all thanks to Jana. I highly recommend her!"

Margarita Aldecoa 

"Best Pilates Studio Ever! Jana is a professional, friendly instructor who truly cares about her clients.

I suffer from scoliosis and Jana takes great care of my back. She has helped me gain muscle in the right spots to prevent further degeneration and has the knowledge to design the right exercises to fit each body and need. She is also constantly completing external professional development classes, showing a real passion for always offering the best experience to her clients.

I appreciate that she has invested in having a wide range of equipment in the studio in order to offer a complete and varied workout during every visit. 

Thank you Jana for keeping me in great shape and being an amazing, attentive & talented instructor."

Audrey Mark

"Pilates sessions with Jana Spurna are the highlight of my day.  She is an encouraging instructor who offers extensive knowledge of both mat and reformer.  Having studied Pilates for several years prior to moving to Prague, I couldn’t have been happier to stumble upon Jana.  Her studio offers a clean welcoming environment to practice Pilates and I love its easy location in Nebusice. Jana’s dedication to each client is exceptional and I know that any day with her on my schedule will be a good one."

Beth Long